Achieve your Vision in Three Simple Steps

The tremendous speed with which technology is constantly improving and evolving makes it easy to forget how different the world was 30, 50 and even 100 years ago. 30 years ago the internet would’ve been a foreign concept to the mainstream consumer.

Imagine traveling back in time to when your grandparents were kids and telling them that in the future one of man’s most valuable assets is a mobile phone that can take pictures, do calculations, play games and even call someone on the other end of the world while seeing them in real-time. All while not being connected to any wires at all. How do you think they would react? Excited, confused, scared?

The reason I am telling this story is that it is absurd to think that we have had many inventions and innovations in the last few decades. But what is even more shocking is the fact that all these ideas, everything we see in the world, outside of nature, was not only created by man but was once just a thought, an idea in someone’s mind.

Are the people who had these ideas any different from you and me? No, they not, you and I possess this power to take an idea, a vision, and bring it to life.

I know we all have an idea or vision of what we would like our life to look like. Maybe it could be landing the job of your dreams, it could be finding and falling in love with your dream guy or girl, it could be building a business that affords you financial freedom, or finally dropping that extra 20kg and attaining the body of your dreams.

Though we all have ideas of our perfect life, many of these ideas, visions, and goals never get fulfilled. The main reason for this is that for many of us we are not sure where to start on this process, we don’t know how to bring this idea to life. “There are just too many elements”, you say to yourself, you feel overwhelmed. “Maybe I am not meant for this, maybe my dreams should stay just that, dreams”.

But what if there was a way to simplify the process and give you greater clarity on the steps you have to take. What if instead of trying to wrap your head around the various elements and steps, you simply only focus on three things, three categories? I’m sure so many more people will be creating the life of their dreams now because complexity is the enemy of execution.

The three things we should focus on to achieve an ambitious goal or dream are skills, resources, and beliefs.


Skills are our ability to produce the results we need in order to bring our dream to life. Our goal or vision will require us to be competent in certain skills, certain knowledge, and certain characteristics. It is your job to identify the skills necessary then start working on developing the skills that you lack. Let’s say I want to start a wedding photography business, I will need to list the key skills needed as well as skills that will set me apart from the rest. The obvious will be the ability to actually capture incredible moments and the ability to edit your footage. Additional skills that will set you apart from the competition would be your ability to communicate with the guests, maybe even being able to make them laugh, which will require you to be confident and friendly. You will also need to know how to market and sell your product, which will require you to be familiar with online advertising, social media.

Resources are the equipment, products, capital, and even people that you need or could help you to realise your dreams. Sticking with the wedding photography example, the resources you will need is obviously your camera equipment and a computer to do the editing. You might need to pay to advertise your service on Google or Facebook in order to get your first clients, which will require capital. Or maybe you have a close friend who has built his name as the DJ to ‘have at your wedding’, so you decide to partner with him. He adds your photography service to his list of wedding services so that every time he gets booked, so do you.

Dream big and show the world what a life of possibility looks like.


Through learning from family, friends, and society, as well as our unique experiences, we begin to develop a framework of beliefs about how the world works. Sometimes these very beliefs can hold us back from realising our goals. Let’s say your dad loved photography as well and had a photography business for a few years. During this time money was always tight even though he had a steady stream of clients. In addition, the lack of money was always the topic of arguments between your parents, with your mother repeatedly saying that he should get a proper job because the photography business is not putting any food on the table. As a result of this, you develop the belief that starting your own business could have the same result for your family which could prevent you from starting your business even though you are extremely talented. In addition, you also associated photography with pain and marital problems.

As you can see these are the beliefs that could hold back our photographer from finally achieving his dream of becoming a highly sort after photographer.

Just like this example, it is important that we realise that there are certain beliefs that might be holding us back from creating the happiness associated with achieving our dreams.

The best way to become aware of these beliefs is start with writing down your goals and dreams, and then asking yourself questions relating to why you have not yet achieved these, or at least working towards achieving them. Once you become aware of what beliefs are holding you back, it becomes easier to challenge these beliefs and create beliefs that are more empowering.

Using these three categories to break down your dream into sizable chunks, into what you need to do today, will allow you to gain traction. The fewer things there are to concentrate on, the easier we can set our plan in action. These simple, but powerful three categories allow us to gain greater clarity on the steps to take and will dramatically improve your chances of making your dreams a reality.

Dream big and show the world what a life of possibility looks like.

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