Embrace the Waves of Life – Poem

I wrote this poem for the person who has been hurt and wounded by life and no longer allows themselves to let their guard down.

Imagine waves coming to shore, some waves are going to bring difficulties with them and others happiness and joy. The challenge is that we can’t predict which waves are bringing the good and which ones are bringing the difficulties.

This uncertainty causes many to leave the shore and build walls that protect them from experiencing any potential bad waves. But this form of protection comes at the cost of preventing the waves of happiness and joy from coming through.

What is the point if you build walls so high that it keeps out everything and everyone, but it leaves you feeling empty? What is the point of life if you don’t give yourself a chance at living?

I know that you have been hurt by the waves of difficulty in the past, but it is time to break those walls down and give yourself the gift of experiencing the beauty, the joy, and the love of the waves that are still to come.

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