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Coached Success offers Self-Mastery & motivational seminars and workshops to help our clients master their lives. The main goal of our seminars and workshops is to guide clients through the process of self-discovery, to equip them with the skills to handle challenges adaptively, and move toward creating the best version of themselves.

Why self-mastery is important:
Schools and universities set the foundation for our future, but it is the work we do on ourselves outside of these institutions that will truly set us apart in a global marketplace. In addition to improving our competitiveness for opportunities, self-mastery also enhances our outlook and quality of life.

Hello, I’m Coach Kyle!

Kyle is a motivational speaker focusing on elevating the minds, lives and careers of his audience through delivering powerful speeches directed at gaining a deeper understanding of how to leverage their psychology in a way that enhances performance, builds confidence and greater resilience so that they can achieve the goals and outcomes that they desire.




With an honours degree in psychology and a strong proponent of life look learning, Kyle ensures that all insight he delivers in his speech is grounded in theory.



Having overcome and grown from many of his own personal struggles and challenges, such as growing up in poverty on the Cape Flats, conquering his fear of public speaking, or breaking out of a dark depressive state to lose more than 20kgs and guide others on their weight loss journey



Whether the topic is leadership, overcoming adversity, self-belief, mental strength and resilience, or enhancing performance with psychology, Kyle is sure to deliver a transformational message that will leave the audience with the drive, insight and tools to create the shift that they desire.

MORE  Catch!

No BS, No Fluff. All of the insight shared is grounded in science and research.

Kyle is available for live and virtual speaking.






Sessions with coach Kyle will push you far past your comfort zone, in exchange for total body and mind realizations.

He will show you who you really are and teach you the tools to be who you want to become. He coaches you on the importance of drive, hunger, and action. He makes you realize that without action, drive and hunger are insufficient to achieve your goals.

If you are ready for your full potential to be realized and to act upon it, search no further. Coach Kyle is your man. Just be ready to say goodbye to your in-action and self-doubt.


TEDxYouthMaiKhao: Manifesting your Greatness (Empowerment)

Hectic Nine 9: A South African TV show geared at inspiring the youth (Empowerment)


REAL Stories FROM REAL People

"I have been working with Kyle for the past few months, the knowledge and insights that he shared with me has really helped me on and off the field. I really enjoy our sessions and I am absorbing and applying the insights shared. Thank you, Kyle."

Cole Alexander, Professional Football Player

"Coach Kyle has been a positive guide in my personal development. In the past few months, I have been noticing positive changes. I love the regular check-ins and that he holds me accountable for the goals I set. Coach Kyle is passionate about what he does and truly wants to see you grow."

Saint Clair, Actor, Music Producer & Entrepreneur

"Kyle has helped me a lot with my mental strength and helping me find ways to attack any obstacles that are in my way. He has really guided me and has been a light in my moments of challenges. I am grateful to him and highly recommend his mindset coaching."

Reyaad Pieterse, Professional Football Player

"Kyle helped me get clear on my objectives which have allowed me to show up with greater purpose. He has also taught me how to change my perspective. But most importantly, he gave me the tools to train my mind so that I can instantly connect with my highest and most confident self. The sessions were super helpful. I highly recommend that you spend some time with him."

Aaron Kuykendall, USA – Muaythai Fighter

"My coaching sessions with Kyle were valuable. It focused on the kind of energy you bring into the day and my business. He highlighted that there are daily incremental steps that I can take to get to where I want to be. Kyle coached me in such a way that it eliminated the fear of rejection that I had. This has helped me reach out more to people in my network and take my venture to the next level. Thank you, Kyle."

 Euston Witbooi, Entrepreneur


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