A Career Life Coach With Proven & Tested Process & Tools Equipping You For Success

As a career life coach, I empower individuals from all backgrounds through life skills coaching to help them attain greater fulfillment in all areas of their lives, overcome obstacles, and maximize their potential. We are a world-leading certified career life coach with expertise in mental strength and Human psychology. Get in touch with us.


We Are A Proud Certified & Experienced Career Life Coach Transforming Lives All Across The Globe Both Online & Offline

Whether you need life coaching, success coaching, business coaching, or fitness coaching through personal coaching or group coaching, both online and offline – our career life coach has got you covered.

Still not quite sure what you need? We provide various free programs you can try or get in touch to get a free consultation call to assess your needs.

WHAT IS A Career Life Coach?

People who hire an career life coach want to gain self-confidence and find themselves out of a routine or rut that is neither enjoyable nor exciting.

Do you find yourself having low self-esteem? Do you think the difficulty you’re currently facing is too great? Have you answered ‘no’ to the questions above, but deep down you know your answer should actually be ‘yes’? Well, a career life coach simply works to restore young people’s sagging confidence and ensure that you have the ability to reach your full potential.

How exactly do we help you do? As a career life coach, we approach this using three aspects: guidance, empowerment, and improvement.

With guidance, we provide you with the tools and assistance you need to extend your viewpoint and broaden your outlook in life, allowing you to achieve your objectives.

With empowerment, we help you realise your own self-worth and self-belief, which may have dwindled for many reasons.

Lastly, we give you room for improvement in the sense that we help you progress from where you are to where you want to be, effectively achieving your objective.



"I have been working with Kyle for the past few months, the knowledge and insights that he shared with me has really helped me on and off the field. I really enjoy our sessions and I am absorbing and applying the insights shared. Thank you, Kyle."

Cole Alexander, Professional Football Player

"Coach Kyle has been a positive guide in my personal development. In the past few months, I have been noticing positive changes. I love the regular check-ins and that he holds me accountable for the goals I set. Coach Kyle is passionate about what he does and truly wants to see you grow."

Saint Clair, Actor, Music Producer & Entrepreneur

"Kyle has helped me a lot with my mental strength and helping me find ways to attack any obstacles that are in my way. He has really guided me and has been a light in my moments of challenges. I am grateful to him and highly recommend his mindset coaching."

Reyaad Pieterse, Professional Football Player

"Kyle helped me get clear on my objectives which have allowed me to show up with greater purpose. He has also taught me how to change my perspective. But most importantly, he gave me the tools to train my mind so that I can instantly connect with my highest and most confident self. The sessions were super helpful. I highly recommend that you spend some time with him."

Aaron Kuykendall, USA – Muaythai Fighter

"My coaching sessions with Kyle were valuable. It focused on the kind of energy you bring into the day and my business. He highlighted that there are daily incremental steps that I can take to get to where I want to be. Kyle coached me in such a way that it eliminated the fear of rejection that I had. This has helped me reach out more to people in my network and take my venture to the next level. Thank you, Kyle."

 Euston Witbooi, Entrepreneur

WHAT CAN OUR Career Life Coach DO FOR YOU?

We all have the potential to live a meaningful and significant life in which our dream life becomes a reality; a life filled with happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

But the reality is that the vast majority of people never realise their full potential. Many go through the motions of life without fully comprehending & appreciating that living is a form of art. That our experiences are completely shaped by the lenses through which we view the world- known as Mindset. 

Therefore, in order to master our lives and maximise our potential, we first need to master our mindset – the way we see ourselves, see the world, then experience life.  

As a career life coach, it is my mission to help my individuals – students, professionals, men, women, teenagers, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc. – live their dream life and maximize their potential by equipping them with the knowledge, practices, and tools to master their mindset. 

​Our career life coaching is tailored to help you identify your needs, assess obstacles and barriers, then clarify opportunities through reflection, envisioning, specifying, and prioritizing. Next, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to plan your action from a new perspective. Lastly, as you take action and accountability, you will gain more awareness, understanding, and the skills to pursue your dreams and live your life more confidently.

Want to try it for yourself? Let us show you how you can transform your life towards success. Our team at Coached Success is simply one click away! Get in touch with us now and let’s get started on your journey to success.


Each session will last 1  hour to 1 hour & 30minutes.

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Gaining Clarity

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Building Strategy

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Dealing with Setbacks

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Gaining perspective

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Homework activities

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Words into practice

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Emotional Regulation

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Communication Skills

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Navigate life’s challenges

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Goals into plans


Are you ready to take this opportunity and start your journey to success?

Still not quite sure what you need? We provide various free programs you can try or get in touch to get a free consultation call to assess your needs.

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  • 1-on-1 coaching once a week for Athletes
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Accountability community and more
  • Regular challenges to elevate both body and mind
  • Complimentary Mental Strength MasterClass and Mind Tools
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  • 1 Live Coaching Session every week whether it’s life coaching, success coaching, business coaching, and fitness coaching
  • Daily and weekly accountability to keep you on the right track
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Regular challenges
  • Core frameworks, tools, and strategies that empower you
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  • Membership and non-membership-style courses that provide you with the blueprint for Personal Growth & Personal Success
  • A clear picture of the goals and life you want
  •  Series of videos and activities designed to help you


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Schedule a free exploratory call to discover about the advantages of having a coach, model, and proven approach to help you transform your life, health, and business towards success.

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Assess your needs, challenges, and obstacles; and identify who you are (not what others want you to be) and how to live your life authentically.

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You will create particular choices for yourself, your life, and your legacy through contemplation, visualizing, defining, and prioritizing.

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From a fresh angle, you’ll see a roadmap and a strategy that liberates and empowers you to be focused, accountable, disciplined, and able to take consistent action.

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As you take action, you will develop more insight, awareness, and skills , allowing you to achieve your goals and live your life full of success.


Already Have A Coach But Interested In Us? Check Out Our Success Programs.

Discover what you can become, learn about the blueprint for success, enhance your performance, and unlock a world of possibilities through our programs and challenges! As a career life coach, we provide short-term and long-term programs and challenges on fitness, health, mindset, and success – all of which aim to reignite fire for life & become more purpose-driven. With our programs and challenges, we will be tackling important facets of your life such as your fitness, wellbeing, direction, and even your daily performance. These allow you to discover the insights that will empower you to live a more meaningful & purpose-directed life – a life filled with joy, success, and endless possibilities.


What Are The Benefits of Coaching?

If you’ve ever been in a coaching relationship, you’re well aware that there are numerous advantages to participating in the process.

The personal benefits of coaching are extensive, and if an individual engages with their coach, they can have a beneficial impact on their vocation. The coaching process can aid in the development of individuals with a variety of needs, as well as assist them on a personal level. Coaching has been shown to increase confidence, enhance work performance, and boost communication skills. The advantages can be considerably more extensive and tailored to a person’s needs. Here are six advantages that coaching can provide:  
  • Set goals and take steps to achieve them: Individuals and businesses can use coaching to establish their life and career objectives realistically. You can set these goals with the help of a coach and then actively work toward them. This will make it more likely that the objectives will be met. Two parts of your life are frequently the focus of your goals. The first is the development of your skill sets, and the second is your professional competence. To get an overview of my strategies for helping individuals achieve their goals, read my blog on achieving your vision in three simple steps here.

  • Elevated levels of commitment: Individuals are drawn to coaching because of the one-on-one feedback and encouragement it provides. When a person is actively involved in achieving their goals, it can have a more positive impact on their life and career. This dedication also aids in productivity and performance,  improving their mindsets and perspectives, and transforming their entire outlook in life.

  • Secure Environment to Gain Perspective: Having a coach provides a secure environment in which you discuss sensitive concerns. The coach is frequently a third-party participant, and their ability to stay detached while providing counsel allows the coachee to acquire perspective without feeling intimidated by someone inside their social circles.  This is only achievable if the coach and coachee can communicate safely.

  • Learning at a Higher Level: Coaching is about more than just strengthening a person’s skills; it’s about going deeper into learning. An individual can learn more about themselves, discover how others see them and improve on aspects of their personality that they are unhappy with through coaching. Coaching also elevates learning beyond rote memorization and comprehension. Within a secure learning environment, the individual can use the skills presented by their coach in new settings. The individual’s skill set will be solidified by application in a variety of scenarios.

  • Enhance your personal awareness: A coach might suggest ways for their coachee to develop, but more importantly, they can assist them to become mindful of their blind spots. These blind spots are aspects of a person’s career or personality that they may not be aware of, but that they need to improve. Once the person is aware of these flaws, they can work with the coach to correct them. Personality evaluations are an excellent approach to increasing self-awareness. Individuals can transform their unknown flaws into valuable strengths by increasing their own awareness and decreasing anxiety.

  • Assistance in Developing Specific Skills: Having someone to help you improve your talents can be really helpful. Simply knowing that someone is available to assist you in achieving your goals is a significant step forward in the coaching process. Because skill development is frequently the focus of coaching partnerships, it’s important to focus on the skills to develop so that the teaching is efficient and targeted. The coaching partnership will achieve its goals with the help of guided support.


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In the Coaching Industry for 5+ years

We have been providing great professional coaching services for individuals – students, teenagers, men, and women – businesses and organizations for more than five years. Our portfolio includes life coaching, business coaching, success coaching, and fitness coaching for professional and aspiring athletes and company executives.

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Our Values Reflect Us and Our Work

We value holism, transformation, motivation, intuitiveness, and empowerment. Therefore, whether you are looking for a personal life coach, a holistic coach, a transformational coach, and motivational life coach, an intuitive coach, an empowerment coach, or a fitness coach – we’ve got you covered.

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Empowerment, Skill-building, and Development Coaching

We aim for empowerment, building skills, and transformational development coaching that targets individuals’ needs, weaknesses, and even strengths. Of course, they are also always designed to reflect each facet of an individual’s life.

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Expertise and Experience

We are a world-leading life coach with expertise in mental strength and Human psychology; and an extensive track record for getting results for people from all walks of life. We have worked with world-renowned athletes, fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals wanting to create a shift and achieve more out of life. It does not matter who you are, what you have achieved, or what your goals are, it only matters that you are ready to take the leap and turn dreams into reality.

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Result and Purpose Driven

We deliver impactful results, not merely promises. We believe the results and purposes of our coaching services are the backbones of our mission and vision. Of course, we identify purposes and achieve results through collaboration with you. Hence, we are confident that we don’t only provide coaching services. We provide coaching services that create impactful and long-lasting results. You’ll get what you expect from us.

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Primary Focus on Young People, Athletes, and Professionals

Our more than five years of work with athletes, young people, and professionals denote a thorough understanding of the needs, expectations, and requirements of these individuals. We offer a combination of professional coaching expertise, high-value coaching processes, and overall coaching knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere.

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Great coaching services at affordable price points

We have invested heavily in the capability to deliver world-class professional coaching services at prices that are comfortably within the budget of price-sensitive clients. We also offer custom-designed installment plans to credit-worthy individuals and organizations.

number 8

Fixed prices; not hourly rates

We provide fixed costs, so clients know exactly how much they’ll pay for the coaching services we’ve agreed to provide. There are never any surprises nor hidden costs.

number 9

We provide as little or as much as you need

We are here to assist you with whatever services you desire. For some, it may be as simple as short-term coaching services and improve one facet of your life and/or career. For others, it could be a long-term coaching service that enables you to achieve long-term goals. Whatever it is, we’ve got a wide range of service packages that can be tailored to your needs.

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In pursuit of long term relationships

Even though we are normally engaged to complete a single coaching service cycle, we view each engagement as the beginning of a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Many of our previous coaching clients evolve into long-term partnerships that include personal life coaching, personal development coaching, and even personal business coaching. Some of our clients are on their third cycle of a service we provided them a few years ago.


Our blog will provide you with free tips, tools, and strategies on how to maximise your potential, identify obstacles, and create opportunities for growth and development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high achiever?

It is a highly ambitious individual that has the desire and drive to accomplish meaningful goals. Someone that has big dreams and is prepared to do what it takes to achieve their desired results.

How can I be sure that coaching will work for me?

You don’t have to be sure, just sign up for a consultation and Kyle will give you a coaching experience that will leave you certain that working with Kyle will produce amazing results for you.

I have worked with a life coach before and was not happy with the service.

Kyle does not consider himself a life coach, as many life coaches have completed a weekend certification program and then call themselves life coaches.

Kyle on the other hand is trained in Psychology (holds two psychology degrees), has further formal certifications such as NLP and informal training in Neuroscience. He uses a vast network of disciplines to draw from to help you breakthrough your challenges and achieve the results in life that you desire.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

There is a full moneyback guarantee for the sessions not yet completed.
For example, if you sign up for a 3-month program and discover after the first month that this is not for you, then you will only pay for the sessions already completed – any remaining sessions will be paid back to you in full.
Kyle can however guarantee you that you will be experiencing results like you have never before. All clients that work with Kyle are blown away even after the first few sessions. 

How often do we work together?

We usually work together on a weekly basis. This gives you sufficient time to implement the things that we discussed before our next session.

How does it work?

We meet on a weekly basis for one hour to discuss where you are at, challenges you faced, how the previous week unfolded, progress on your goals and so forth.
All coaching calls are done on Zoom meetings, WhatsApp or similar application. There is also the option for hybrid coaching sessions for clients who are also based in Phuket, Thailand.

What is Hybrid Coaching?

Hybrid is essentially a combination of in-person coaching and virtually coaching. Since Kyle is currently based in Phuket, the hybrid model is only for people who are in Phuket as well.  

How soon can I expect to start experiencing results?

It depends on the type of results that you are seeking, but from the first session you will start noticing a shift in your thinking and how you approach life. This in itself is the very first win, since everything you want in life stems from how you think about and how you approach life.
So to answer your questions, you can expect results from the very first session.


What does the structure of a coaching session look like?

Each session is bespoke, it designed based on the objectives, outcomes or goals that you are looking to achieve. Typically, sessions start off with reflecting on the week past and the challenges faced. We then move on to the teaching of the week and how it can help you. We end off with identifying the take aways and how it will be applied in the individual’s life. 

I am not an open person, I like to keep things to myself, will coaching still work for me?

Yes it will still work for you. You can share as little or as much as you want. What I know for certain is that as a coach it is my job to make you feel comfortable and develop trust so that you can be real and authentic. I am very good at creating a space where you will feel comfortable in sharing.

What is working with Kyle like?

With an extensive background of +10 years in the counselling and coaching space, Kyle has great listening skills and is very skilled at making you feel comfortable. The goal is to create a space where you feel safe and comfortable to explore your dreams, fears and challenges. People who have worked with Kyle often say that “it is great having someone in your corner listening to you, believing in you and support you.”

How long are your coaching programs?

The minimum length of our coaching programs is 3 months or 12 weeks.
We also have 6 month and 12-month programs, however you first have to go through the 3 month program before joining either the 6 month or 12 month program. 

If you can start noticing a shift from the very first session, why do I have to commit to a 3-month program?

Yes that is correct, you will notice a shift from the very first session, however if you are seeking significant results in your life, we need more than one session. To notice significant results in your life, 3 months is a good starting point. This gives us sufficient time to go deep, overcome challenges and implement strategies to achieve the goals that you are seeking.  

Can you give me some examples of what clients have managed to achieve within the 3-month program?
  • One client was able to get out of a slump she had found herself in after retiring from professional sport. She was able to re-envision her life, take strides towards her new goals and even lost 8kg as a result of letting go of the former her and reimagining the future her.
  • Another client was able to overcome anxious thoughts and start his first business. During the 3 months he was able to get serious about going after what he wanted even though he was afraid, he broke through many barriers and as a result he has helped several clients with their weight loss journey.
  • As a final example, one client, an entrepreneur revitalised his business by helping him become more purposeful in his leadership style and more relentless about reaching his goals. In the first two weeks of working together he had secured a major business contract. This was a direct result of the strategies we had developed to increase his business revenues. This client has been working with us for 1.5 years so far, as he sees the value of having someone in his corner helping to consistently take his business and life to the next level.


How much does a consultation cost?

Our consultations are free. Our consultations are set up in a way that you get to experience what it is like working with us without having to commit. We believe that it is important to speak with the client and understand their goals and struggles before charging anything.

How does the consultation work?

You can apply for the consultation and schedule a coaching call. During the call we will determine what your biggest struggles are and discuss how we can help you.  Even if you decide not to work with us, you will still leave the consultation with insight, tools and strategies that you can implement to help solve your challenges. 


Still got a question?

Drop us a line and we’ll get straight back to you or hit us up on socials.

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